18 July 2006

In the USA

I've been here since Friday 14 July. First went to LA, now in the midwest visiting relatives. Then I'm on to Atlanta on 25 July. So I won't post much until then because my internet connection won't always be so reliable.

I liked LA, even though it was 108 degrees F. Kathleen Bradean my tour guide and fellow ERWA writer, describes our experience of searching for Valentino's grave wonderfully. She was the perfect hostess. Lots of interesting information and history of the place, as well as suggesting a great mix of things to do. Finishing off with a martini at The Abbey was just right. Thank you Kathleen!

10 July 2006

Sold to Extasy!

I'm seriously happy! I sold a long short story to Extasy. It's working title is Playing with Trouble. Don't know when it will be out but my writing life is definitely looking up. It comes at the same time as a few craft issues seem to have fallen into place in my mind too. I've let go of a lot of fear of getting things wrong and actively tell myself to write for my characters and myself, not for a mythical audience. It seems to be working.

07 July 2006

Website up!

That was easier than I thought it would be! The transfer from my previous host to Go Daddy was a nightmare so I thought this would be too.

Mercury is retrograde at the moment which tends to mean bad communication and misunderstandings, which in this digital age means lost computer files. So back up your work.

06 July 2006

Changing web site

I'm changing my web site over to Go Daddy so it might be off line for a few days until I can work out how to get everything going. I'm a bit of a dill about all this stuff.

04 July 2006

News and music

I have a story called Gardening with Grace up at the erotic ezine Oysters and Chocolate. It'll be there for a month. Another story Angel has been added to the Treasure Chest at ERWA. So I'm happy.

I was thinking the other day that I hardly listen to music anymore. I'm one of those people who can't have music on when I'm reading or writing. I have to really listen to it, so I find it completely distracting. But someone had some Mozart on a few days ago and I realised how much I missed it.

I've cut out quite a few thing from my life since I've been writing seriously and I'm not sure I need to. I don't miss television at all, but I do miss music and other visual experiences like film or galleries. And I've become shockingly sedentary.

So I need to change this. It makes for a limited life experience which is not good for a writer anyway. Although I'm wary of goals, I'm going to try to do two things, listen to music when I come home from work and work on building my abdominal muscles so my back doesn't hurt so much. Both good non writing goals.

I have the day off today and it's cold, wet and misty outside. So a good day for pottering around the house and doing some exercise with Mozart on.