23 April 2007

Irritated (maybe not totally)

Going through a slow period with my writing. Everything seems a struggle. At these times I have to tell myself that 100 words a day is better than nothing. And I've been reflecting on self sabotaging behaviour and delayed gratification. As a writer you need less of the former and more of the latter.

Earlier this year I didn't put in an entry to the Stroke of Midnight competition, which is the erotic romance competition run by Passionate Ink, the erotic romance chapter of Romance Writers' of America. At the time I was full of self doubt and knew the work I had needed a lot of revision. So I let it go. Now, I've done the revisions, am reasonably happy with the end result so entered another comp. Today I find out they didn't get enough entries so it's been cancelled. Very annoying.

But on a high note, Desire's Dream got 4 stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews, so that's great.

"Ms. Hill is going to make your heart sing with the amount of passion and heat she has infused into the storyline. The sexual tension will not let you sit still."

So, swings and roundabouts. Back to my couple who are just about to get to their black moment!


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