14 October 2006

Ghostly Desires out now!

My short, Ghostly Desires is out now at Forbidden Publications.

Thea thinks a resident ghost is the perfect addition to the ramshackle mansion she’s inherited from her eccentric uncle. But sexy Judith, a ghost from her past, wants to upset her plans. Thea's not worried. She’ll just get Judith into bed and win her over. Judith however has other ideas . . .

10 October 2006

Uncommon frost

I've spent the last week or so in Melbourne at a conference and tootling around. Melbourne is great for shopping but this time I restrained myself. Well, sort of. I can't resist buying books where ever I am, so I did lash out with a trip to Borders at Carlton.

This is my to be read pile.

I didn't buy it all at Borders. Some of them have been there for quite a while. I reorganised them the other day, so I can see clearly how many crime, how many fantasy or paranormal or how many contemporary I have. Somehow that's made it more manageable because I can plan ahead.

At the moment I'm in the middle of a month long writing challenge at RWAOnline, the online chapter of Romance Writers of America. Next week I'll also be doing BIAW with RWAustralia. The idea is to write intensively for a week or a month without an internal editor on your shoulder.

This morning I got up all keen to go and found I had no hot water. For a while it looked like no gas as well. But I ignored it all and wrote 200 words which given my output at the moment is a miracle. Then I thought I'd have to start ringing the gas company but gave my heater another go. It was on! And the hot water too! Mad dash to the shower before something else happened and thankfully my story fell into place under the wonderful warmth.

There was a frost here this morning which might have something to do with my gas woes. Frost a common where I live but we've had such a mild winter and spring I think the pipes forgot to cope. One of the small effects of global warming.