30 January 2007

Back on Track

Well, the lawnmower got fixed and is working well and I've put a considerable dent in my current wip which is all to the good. But I've realised I'm bad at Book in a Week or Book in a Month marathons. The promise of them always drags me in, but then I get panicked that I don't do enough and get overwhelmed and jealous of how much other people do.

It's a writing style that just doesn't suite me. I do some editing as I go and I've finally worked out I need to do that to feel connected to my writing. So I'm slow but getting consistent. I wanted to have this 25k novella finished by 31 January but I'm about 3,000 words behind my goal. Not too bad. The first week of February I'll spend finishing it and starting the revisions which is where I add another couple thousand. Then it's birthday week in my family. Aquarians all over the place.


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