30 December 2006

The day before New Years Eve

It's raining here, which is wonderful. If it would only rain solidly for two or more weeks, the dams would fill up and we'd all feel happier. We might all be stir crazy at the end of two weeks but that's a small price to pay.

This is the time of year when resolutions are in the air. I've made a few and I always have heaps more buzzing in my head. I tend to see them as shaking fingers, pointing at me like nasty school marms. "You will loose weight!" "You will write 1,000 words a day!" "You will do more gardening!"

Eh, I probably won't do any of that or do them intermittently. But the one thing I will try my hardest to do, is obliterate pointing fingers from my mental landscape. I never change my behavior when I have a punitive voice in my head telling me I MUST do whatever it's telling me to do. That doesn't mean no discipline or focus, but as soon as I start berating myself for being human, I need to pull back and get some perspective. That's what I need for 2007, more perspective.


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