23 March 2007

Review of Ghostly Desires

Last year Forbidden Publications published a short of mine called Ghostly Desires. It's a lesbian erotic romance which as a genre seems less popular in the romance world than gay male romance. Fallen Angels Review did a review of it in December that I've only just found out about! Five Angels!

This book was excellent. My only complaint is it left me wanting more ... I think the author's writing style and choice of genre is excellent. I hope to read more from Keziah Hill and I hope all of the books are just as well written and leave me craving more.
(Thanks Amanda H!)

That'll teach me to do more regular searches on myself. It all came about because Denise Rossetti posted on the RWAustralia elist that Dogpile is a better search engine than Google.

So I put my name in and up popped the review. Thanks Denise! I've written another essentially lesbian tale for eXtasy (although there's a bit of m/f action as well) called Playing with Trouble.

I'm going to write something about lesbian erotic romance on the blog soon. Do you like reading about women falling in love and having hot sex? If you do, who are your favourite authors?


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