20 March 2007

Reading poetry

I need to read more poetry. I think every writer does. It's important to get out of the rut of linear words and read something more fluid and sometimes obscure. I sat in bed last night and read some Robert Lowell and this line leapt up at me:

I want words meat-hooked from the living steer (from the Nihilist as Hero)

It's violent and horrible and expresses exactly the way I'd like words to punch the page from my mind.


At 21 March 2007 at 6:27 am , Blogger Amanda said...

that's an excellent quote! some people really balk at reading poetry. my own bete noire is the way many insist that only poetry written in the previous centuries has any merit. there are some incredible poets writing right now in our time and they've been influenced by the greats but don't use words like void and rattle on about the moon.


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