17 March 2007

Blue Mountains Music Festival

I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to see Luka Bloom at the Blue Mountains Music Festival today. Well, I did and he was wonderful. There something about men in their fifties I'm loving at the moment. They've got to some place of wry acceptance of their lives which makes them much more human and good to be with. They're now how we wanted them to be in their 20s and 30s. But they couldn't be and we were off on our own ego driven frolics. That's one of the best aspects of ageing - you do tend to let go of your ego. All the silliness you once thought was important, goes by the wayside and you're able to look at men, who once you would have been judgmental and impatient with, as humans just trying to exist on the planet, muddling along. Just like you. Just like me.

Luka Bloom falls into the category of the thinking woman's sex symbol. Along with other men like Harvey Keitel and Paul Kelly. Imperfect, fallible and irresistible. The kind of man you want to get drunk and talk with all night with before falling into bed to have clumsy, hilarious sex, then get up in the morning and take up talking where you left off. Or maybe you didn't. These kind of men talk a lot.

(BTW, go immediately to the Paul Kelly site and watch a clip of him, Kev Carmody and John Bulter sing the anthemic song From Little Things Big Things Grow - a song about aboriginal rights.)

The song Luka Bloom is most famous for (I think) is Monsoon, and he sang it while the heavens opened and drenched all those not under the marquee. I don't think anyone minded too much. That song has the effect of reducing me to a puddle anyway. And he also sang a classic Australian song by Hunters and Collectors, Throw Your Arms Around Me, another song that can reduce me to a puddle.

Other great performers where Pacific Curls, a Maori/NZ Scots women's group who were gorgeous and Kate Miller-Heidke who had the most incredible range. Sounds a bit like Kate Bush.

I'll wander up the road later and take in some more fun.


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