19 February 2007


There are some days where you get to a point of tiredness that all you can think of is rolling on the floor in a tantrum. But that would take up too much energy that I don't have. The weekend was spent in Sydney with the hard working Romance Writers of Australia Executive, having our annual face to face get together and looking at the hotel the August national conference will be held at. And that sentence ends in a preposition and I don't care.

It's gorgeous, we worked hard, talked hard and now I need another weekend to recover. I'm co-ordinating two romance writing competitions, committed myself to judging some more, have a sick mother and a slightly tense workplace (office politics - they'll get you every time). Somewhere in all that I'd like to do some writing.

I'm working on a vampire menage. Ho hum, you say. So is everyone else. Yeah, yeah, but when the characters grab you, you've just got to go. I want them to be together at the end so that means working hard to get a functioning emotional triad together.

But now I just need to finish this post so I can say I did some writing, if only to whine and go to bed. I leave you with a picture of something beautiful.


At 20 February 2007 at 10:48 am , Blogger Bronwen Cleathero said...

I'll be an official member soon! Maybe I can get to the RWA in August that would be so cool.


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