19 February 2006

Good advice...

... from Kristen who tells me Blogger might delete my blog if I don't have the heading up there. So it's back. I'd hate to loose the whole lot. While I'm here I'll have a quick moan about the weather. Sorry, but it's hot again. This has been the hottest January on record in my part of the world, about 3 degrees hotter than it should be. Makes me even more worried about global warming. I had to stay overnight in Sydney last night and it was hell. Humid and sticky.

By the way, Kristen thinks she's uncovered the identity of Miss Snark. Let her know what you think.


At 21 February 2006 at 4:18 am , Anonymous Angelle Trieste said...

I'm worried about another Ice Age. It's colder than it should be in Japan. Burr....

At 2 March 2006 at 4:37 pm , Anonymous Julia Fields said...


Miss Snark is actually Janet Reid of the JetReid Literary Agency--a home-run "agency" that pitches to small presses.


- Reid lives in Brooklyn (Snarkville).
- Reid sells to Ig Books and small presses (as noted by Snarky in her blog).
- Reid is a good friend of Maud Newton and Sarah Weinman (noted often on Snark blog--do a search! and btw, both Newton and Weinman recently removed their Miss Snark links! Coincidence?)
- Reid and Snark appear often on MediaBistro, in a portion run by Sarah Weinman (search google).
- Reid is a loner agent (Snark is a loner).
- Reid's site is suspicious, evasive (her real name is missing, address is a P.O. Box, her pre-agent credentials and/or resume is missing), just like Snark.
- Reid hosted a blog panel in NYC (Nov. 2004) for Maud, Sarah, and the man who runs Publisher's Lunch, Michael Cader (search in Snark blog: she idolizes him!).
- Reid's style, voice, are identical to Miss Snark. Compare Reid's FAQ to the Snarky talk, then go to Publisher's Marketplace, fine Janet Reid, and note the Snarky talk.


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