26 January 2006

Library Thing

Over at Sara Donati's blog, she's done a few posts on Library Thing a site where you can catalogue your books. I've just started really getting into it and it's become a bit addictive. This is my catalogue. I've only got 49 books done so far. I think I'll devote a little time each day to putting books in. I'm hoping it will be a good exercise in making me decide which books can stay and which can go. But I've set up a little thingy on the sidebar that shows you what I'm reading now. Nora Roberts for comfort and David Foster Wallace to be challenged. Gail Jones is a West Australian writer (and terrific teacher apparently) and Sixty Lights was a Miles Franklin Award Finalist. Of these the most tactile book is Kate Llewellyns. Its buff and cream with a drawing of an autumn leaf on it, but of course it's the one book I couldn't find a decent image of. She's an Australian poet and author of some wonderful memoirs of creating gardens.

Today is Australia Day, so it's a public holiday and I have tomorrow off too. It's wet and misty where I am, so it looks like a day of reading, writing and entering books in the catalogue. No wait! Some sun! Maybe some gardening too.


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