24 September 2006

Good Intentions

Every now and then I vow to eat well, get fit and generally shape up. Today I decided a walk with friends in the bush would be just the ticket. After all I live in a World Heritage listed National Park, so I should get out there and commune with nature.

It's not a great day here today. Very hot for September (the bushfire season has started early) and very windy. But after some planning, my friends and I decided to go for a walk at Blackheath. The first part was a short, flat walk along a creek that had recently been cleaned up by, I assume, the local bush care group. It looked great with little waterfalls and black cockatoos in the trees over head.

But me being me, I of course took a tumble and ended up with a cut and bruised knee. That wouldn't be so bad but then I had to walk 750 meters straight up to get to Govetts Leap. It nearly killed me.

I exaggerate of course. In fact I had a great sense of achievement and sat at the lookout gazing at this.

Yes, it is very green. We've had some heavy rain in the last few weeks but essentially we're in drought. We also haven't had a big burn since 2002/2003 so everyone's expecting this year will be bad. A great reminder to me to back up all my writing on a memory stick everyday.

But for now I'm reclining on a couch reading The Story of O.


At 8 November 2006 at 9:16 am , Anonymous Wolfywhispers said...

That view is definately worth the climb.


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