20 December 2005

Writing slump

My writng slump is still with me. I’ve been in one before and it usually happens because I’m pushing my writing to a place it doesn’t want to go. That happens because I get obsessed with “the market” and start believing that everyone who puts pen to paper in erotic romance gets published so why can’t I?

This insidious thought process kills my creative juices. As soon as I start writing for the market I’m dead in the water. Not that I should ignore it, but it can’t be the sole driving force behind my writing. So, I’m going to relax, watch movies, garden and generally stop obsessing about how I should write and just see what comes.

It could have something to do with the season as well. At this time of year there’s a general slow down and lack of enthusiasm for anything as people start packing up for the holidays. Australia from Christmas to the end of January is dead time as lots of people are away on summer holidays.

I have very ambivalent feelings about Christmas. I like seeing my family, even with all our neurotic patterns and troubled history, but I’m so used to hiding myself around them, for self protection reasons, it becomes exhausting.

Three more days of work then I’m on holidays until the 3 January. Maybe if I relax and give myself some more dreaming time, I’ll get back into the writing flow.


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