01 December 2005

Food, blogs and feminism

Yeah, I went to Melbourne and bought earrings and ate. It was fabulous. Prawn and pistachio risotto at Southbank, Malaysian food at Chinta Ria St Kilda and corn fritters with chilli jam at the Green Grocer Fitzroy. Food, sex and baubles. What can I say? I’m a Taurus. I also bought lots of books at Borders in Carlton and a pair of shoes at Peter Shepard. Melbourne is so good for shopping. Didn’t get to Bliss - ran out of time.

Back to the real world which consists of a novella that just doesn’t want to finish - I need another 5,000 words - and a short story on a fetish for the ERWA theme weekend. Which is this weekend so I better get on with it.

But I’ve been seduced by blogs. Bitch Phd has posted a great thought provoking piece on feminism and stay at home mothers which made me despair about the state of the world. Feminism has changed a lot of things and given women more choices, but men seem to be unchanged. I can see why - after all who wants to do more housework?

For me feminism was always about transforming work and private life so that all of us can achieve our dreams. I’ve always been less interested in equality feminism (although seeing it as strategically necessary) because I don’t want to work the way men work. Seventy hour weeks with no time for a personal life is not something I ever wanted. So women continue to walk away from that life and therefore give up power in that world. It’s a double edged sword. You can’t transform something you don’t want in the first place. Or can you?

I also love Sara Donati’s blog and Smart Bitches who Love Trashy Novels. At this rate I’ll never get any writing done.


At 2 December 2005 at 6:44 am , Blogger magdelena said...

Links to explore at my leisure, thanks Keziah, I appreciate those.

May you be inspired with your writing. I love your stories and am intrigued by the promise of the fetish one.


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